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The Durham Region Hiking Trails are quickly becoming a favorite destination based on the distance from my home, the many headwater tributaries and the fact that the green belt and Oak ridges Moraine runs right thru the middle of The Durham Region Hiking Trails. Tributaries in The Durham Region Hiking Trails include the Ganaraska River, Wilmot Creek, Soper Creek Bownmanville River Lynde Creek and Duffins Creek. The headwaters of these creeks create very interesting and scenic hiking trails. Durham Region also supports a richness of wetlands along the shore of Lake Ontario. These wetlands are invaluable because they provide functions such as water purification and services in the form of wildlife habitat and recreational opportunities to the region.

Goodwood Conservation Area
McLaughlin Bay Wildlife Reserve
Bowmanville/Westside Marshes Conservation Area
Thickson’s Woods
Lynde Shores Conservation Area
Secord Forest
Long Sault Conservation Area
Enniskillen Conservation Area
Walker Woods And Glen Major Forest
Herber Down Conservation Area
Orono Crown Lands
Stephens Gulch Conservation Area
Samuel Wilmot Nature Area

download the Durham Region Coastal Wetlands PDF.
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The Oak Ridges Trail Association (ORTA)


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