Hiking Trails In Ontario

Wheather you are looking for cool new hiking trails to hike or visit or looking for geocaches we have visited hundreds of hiking trails across Ontario. I Have been hiking ever since I was a young boy. Before I even knew what a hiking trail was I was visiting Ken Reid conservation long before it was even developed. I find the hiking trails to be therapeutic, calming and even magical or mystical in some cases. I am always searching for new hiking trails to explore and photograph. I have been blessed with 100s of hiking trails close to my home in the city of Kawartha lakes but there are still more hiking trails to explore in Toronto north of Toronto and to the west of the city. I am going to make it my life long quest to visit and photograph as many of these hiking trails as I can and post them here at www.ontariohikingtrails.com Please come back frequently as I continue to add content and more hiking trails. and don’t hesitate to leave comments or feedback about hiking trails you have been to,