Kahshe Barrens Recreational Hiking Trail

Kahshe Barrens Recreational Hiking Trail Muskoka Trails Council

Kahshe Barrens Trail is one of the most naturally preserved and rugged trails in Gravenhurst and consists of two loops – Casey & Kadz.

Both loops offer views of majestic oaks and evergreens.

  • Kadz loop is hilly and provides a fantastic view of the beaver pond at Lookout Ridge.
  • Casey loop is similar in terrain but features a picturesque stream.

The trailhead is located at the Muskoka Tourism Travel Information Centre on Highway 11 North, in the Severn Bridge area of Gravenhurst

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  1. who67 Post author

    A short hike but scenic the Cahshe Barrens Hiking trail has easy access parking and not to difficult for the novice hiker.

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