Queen Elizabeth 2 Wildlands Provincial Park

Fire Tower Lookout Trail
Ganaraska Hiking Trail
Victoria Falls

Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands Provincial Park is a 33,505 hectare park that contains more than 100 habitat types and is a vast biological engine renowned for its rock barrens, and beaver fens. Although extensive, this habitat is fragile please follow the principles of leave no trace.

The Wildlands is a non-operating park with no maintained public facilities or services. Be prepared to use appropriate route finding and safety practices as interior travel beyond access points requires complex navigating in a remote semi-wilderness environment. Cellular service cannot be relied upon as a means of communication or navigation within these wildlands.

This park provides unique opportunity for a sustainable, semi wilderness recreation experience. Rugged canoe routes involving lakes, wetlands, and portages, and home to over 100 km of the Ganaraska Hiking Trail (The Wilderness Section www.ganaraska-hiking-trail.org) and a limited number of backcountry campsites

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  1. who67 Post author

    My very first over night backpacking trip was to the Queen Elizabeth 2 Wildlands Provincial Park and what a trip it was. I have also backpacked in with my kids and camped at Sheldon Lake.

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