The SMOKEY HOLLOW aka. Great Falls, is a 10-metre-high ribbon waterfall on Grindstone Creek in Waterdown, Ontario. This is a picturesque waterfall featured on many Hamilton, Ontario, waterfall postcards. The waterfall can be seen from the Bruce Trail.

Smokey Hollow Falls is in Waterdown where Grindstone Creek flows over the Niagara Escarpment. This waterfall is also known as Great Falls and Grindstone Falls. I have decided to call it Smokey Hollow Falls because other falls are named “Great” and “Grindstone”, and “Great” seems a bit of an exaggeration.

To reach Smokey Hollow Falls exit the 403 at Hwy 6 and head north west. Turn right onto Hwy 5, and then turn right on Mill Street. The park is on the right as you descend the escarpment. There is a viewing platform. If you follow the Bruce Trail down stream you can easily get into the gorge and to the base of the falls.

Grindstone Creek appears to have a lot more water than many of the other waterfall producing creeks in the area.