Victoria Rail Trail Lost Drone Footage From Phone Cache

A gorgeous evening on the Victoria Rail Trail photographing the sunset flying my drone. Unfortunately I lost my drone and the footage in the river the next day.

The Victoria Recreation Corridor is a rail trail that stretches from Lindsay, Ontario to Kinmount Ontario. It is 55 km in length and is managed by the County of Victoria. The trail is used year-round for hikinghorseback ridingcyclingsnowshoeingcross-country skiing and snowmobiling. The trail follows the former CN rail line which was constructed beginning in 1874. The start of construction also coincided with the incorporation of the village of Fenelon Falls.

The trail takes you from Lindsay along Sturgeon Lake to Fenelon Falls. It travels through Fenelon Falls and along Cameron Lake. During the summer months the bridge crossing this waterway is swung open to allow boater traffic through. Therefore it is necessary to detour through the downtown and along highway 121.

At the North End of Cameron Lake the trail follows the Burnt River north eventually leading to Kinmount. The trip from Fenelon Falls north to Kinmount is 32 km but it takes you through some of the County’s most scenic land. You travel through areas that except for the trail look like they’ve never been touched by man.

The trip from Fenelon Falls south to Lindsay is only 22 km’s long and follows Sturgeon Lake. It’s just a quick 10 km into the community of Cameron. From Cameron the trail travel towards Ken Reid Conservation Area. There are hiking and mountain biking trails through the park. As well there is a marsh boardwalk, beach area and prime Osprey viewing. The area is also equipped with picnic tables and shelters.

Beyond Ken Reid it’s only 8 km’s into Lindsay at William Street North. Lindsay has many things to offer including the Victoria County Museum, the Academy Theatre as well as full shopping and dining facilities. Come, follow the trail and enjoy the scenic splendor and natural beauty Victoria County has to offer.