Fleetwood Creek Natural Area

Fleetwood Creek Conservation Area
Fleetwood Natural Area
Fleetwood Creek

Explore the great outdoors at Fleetwood Creek Natural Area. You can hike, ski, snowshoe or bike along one of the three loop trails. Take in scenic views from the lookout or spot some of the local birds that call this natural area home. Fleetwood Creek is located in the City of Kawartha Lakes at 902 Ballyduff Road, east of Highway 35. Owned by the Ontario Heritage Trust, Fleetwood was acquired in 1985 through a generous cash donation made by Hilda Pangman. A large part of the Fleetwood Creek property is designated as a Provincially Significant Earth and Life Science Area of Natural and Scientific Interest (ANSI). Visitors are asked to stay on the trails so that the most environmentally sensitive sections of the property are protected.

Fleetwood Creek is a 380-hectare (900-acre) tract of land managed by Kawartha Conservation for the Ontario Heritage Foundation. Located within the Oak Ridges Moraine, the area is characterized by steep valleys and many coldwater streams. These streams form the headwaters of Fleetwood Creek, a major watercourse within the City of Kawartha Lakes. This Natural Area has 3 individual trail loops totaling over 8 km and includes an observation platform on The Valley Trail, that offers a spectacular view of the surrounding land. The Valley trail can be accessed be accessed at 902 Ballyduff Road, accessible from highway 35. A second parking lot on Solanum way, off Porter Road provides access to the East and West trails. Please note that these roads are unassumed, and the parking areas are not maintained from October 31 to May 1.

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    One of my home town favorites Fleetwood Creek is part of the Kawartha Conservation region and is situated on the Oak Ridges Moraine.

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